What’s New Good Karma?

What’s New Good Karma?

Spreading the Good Karma

Good Karma has been helping its beneficiaries since 2012, working with partner organizations in contributing towards making the world a better place to live in. This year, Good Karma takes an extra step to provide better service towards its beneficiaries. Focusing now on just one area rather than many allows them to concentrate their efforts better and thus make a larger impact on their beneficiary. Alongside with this change, Good Karma also showed a new face, as spearheaded by Good Karma Shirts PMs Chan and Paula, and produced by Lily and Maja. Here are their words behind what the new face of Good Karma was to them, and how Good Karma has improved ever since.

New GK Shirt Designs

Q: What was the core idea that the team kept in mind during the rebranding process?

Lily: The anchor point the team had for the rebranding process was to keep the general “feel” of Good Karma similar. Although the whole process focused on making GK more ’classy’, we also had to keep the fun and casual vibe that made it a hit in the first place

GK Shirts

Q: How has the rebranding affected Good Karma’s projects, sales and clubber participation so far in the semester?

Paula: Good Karma has been reaching more people online and even in other parts of the country such as General Santos City!! Wild orders!! It’s been a tough and challenging journey to produce a new line and a new image, but keeping GK visible to clubbers and other people was well worth it! We thank all the clubbers for their continuous support through volunteering, helping out with tasks, liking and sharing pub mats, etc. Sales have been exceeding our expectations!

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Q: What are your biggest inspirations while working on this project?

Chan: Ever since I became a Clubber, I really believed in this project, and seeing the success of Good Karma over the years has inspired me to also do something for the project and that is why I applied as its PM this semester.


Q: How do you imagine Good Karma will be like during IE Club’s 50th Anniversary?

Maja: There’s a lot of opportunity to make this project even bigger and I think Good Karma will be reaching out to more beneficiaries in the future and depending on how everything will go in the next few years, maybe even another rebranding with even better designs.


Q: What can you tell Clubbers about Good Karma to encourage them to participate in its cause?

Chan: If you’re looking for something worth fighting for, start with Good Karma. You can help turn a child’s DREAM into reality with 2KK. Or help spread HOPE to the kids with cancer at Tahan-tahanan. Or PROTECT women and promote women empowerment with CATW-AP. All these can be achieved if you start believing in us. So spread the love; spread the change; spread the Good Karma!


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